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Iveco 16-Seater Minibus Standard.

Minibuses are the ideal vehicle for people who want to travel together and Iveco and comfort are synonymous. These are high-specification vehicles with versatile seating that can be configured to suit your party. Seats can be folded down to create more luggage space or even removed altogether on some models. Passengers have assured a very comfortable ride in a reclining seat. Seating areas are spacious with plenty of room to stretch the legs. The 16 seat minibus has large windows and air conditioning which help dispel any feelings of claustrophobia. Wherever you are going, your party will enjoy the experience of travelling in an Iveco minibus with Ripon Minibus. A 16 seat Minibus is the ideal vehicle for short to medium range travel and much cheaper than travelling by other means.

12 to 16-Seater Ford Transit.

Comfort and style are encapsulated in this vehicle. The Ford Transit has a sleek design, everything the intrepid traveller might ask for. Ford, with its long pedigree, is a name you know you can rely on; after all, they are one of the world’s leading motor manufacturers with a very long track record in quality vehicle production. These 12 and 16 seater Ford Transits are built to be reliable, there is something very robust about the design and engineering and with a service schedule set at every 30,000 miles, they maintain their reliability. Passenger seats are adjustable to four positions. Access is through the rear or sliding side doors, with footwell illumination. There are lots of safety features too, including Adjustable Speed Limit and Lane Keeping Alert. You know you can travel comfortably and safely in a Ford Transit and particularly

 when you are riding with Ripon Minibus.

Ripon Minibus - Mercedes Executive Minibus.

The executive Mercedes Minibus has both 8 and 16-seat vehicles. It is the best way to arrive for a business trip due to its professional and simple outlook. It is also comfortable and packed with necessary facilities. You wouldn’t expect anything else from a company that really does produce beautiful minibuses that are impressive anywhere at any time. Mercedes-Benz is renowned for world-class engineering, particularly it's BlueTEC eco-friendly engines which produce low emissions and give great miles per gallon value. Craftsmanship is evident is the minibus interiors too. Passengers will always feel comfortable in ultra-modern seats, in a vehicle with a roof hatch, ventilation and air conditioning. There are lots of extras too, plus a host of safety features. These are eye-catching vehicles that help make you feel good and raise the little green-eyed monster in others, not lucky enough to be able to enjoy the experience of riding in a Mercedes executive Minibus.

Renault Standard 16-Seater.

The French certainly know a thing or two about Minibus design and the needs of the travelling public, that is why we value the highly here at Ripon Minibus. The Renault Standard vehicle has 16 seats and passengers are afforded plenty of leg room. All seats come fitted with a 3-point height-adjustable seatbelt Access is through a left side sliding door, with step attachment. Rear doors open to 180 degrees. The bus is fitted with a guide rail, plus gangway and overhead safety lighting. There is plenty room for luggage, either under seating or in overhead racks. Extras include a DAB radio, USB and Bluetooth connectivity, all fitted as standard, you even get a first aid kit! Everything you need for a successful day out or commute is here. You couldn’t ask for anything else.

Volkswagen Crafter 16-Seater Minibus.

This Minibus from a German car giant is a great favourite with our regulars at Ripon Minibus. With Volkswagen, you know you are going to get something special packed into a great looking minibus. There is certainly nothing to disappoint. You get all the great features you would expect from a leading manufacturer and more. Plus, this model can accommodate a wheelchair. You have assured a comfortable, smooth ride, even when the terrain gets rough. This is because the suspension in these 16 seaters is amazing and cushions the effect of bumps and other lesions in the road. This is a truly awesome vehicle and a great way to travel, wherever you need to go.


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